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En collaboration avec l’Université de Concordia

’’In-house policy work in French Belgium : How do civil servants contribute to public policies ?’’ David Aubin, professeur à l’Université catholique de Louvain en Belgique

27 octobre 2015, 17h à 18h

Mardi, le 27 octobre 2015, de 17h à 18h
Université Concordia, Salle H 1220, Henry F. Hall Building (1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West).

La conférence aura lieu en anglais.

This presentation looks at the contribution of civil servants to policy work and the methods of policy analysis they use. Policy work is the activity of collecting and processing knowledge and information, framing problems, developing answers and tools, and turning them into applicable political decisions, legal texts and administrative outputs. It is the sum of the contributions to the design of public policies. Policy work relies on policy analytical capacities which mobilize formal methods (e.g. cost-benefit analysis) as well as more empirical methods (e.g. consultation of reports from international organizations, or interactions with stakeholders). The analysis is quantitative and relies on an electronic survey of all graduated civil servants in the two federated entities of French Belgium, that are Wallonia and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.